I Created a New Blog

I didn’t like the name of this one. I read a blog post about choosing a name. I got some better ideas.

I chose to change the name and tried to change the name of this blog but the program created a whole new blog or blog page. I’m not really sure which it is. But now there are two of me here.

I probably won’t use this particular one much anymore and wanted to refer my friends to the new one. So, here’s the address:


Thank you for understanding and following me.

Blessings abound ~


Got to Find a Doctor Closer to Home

Ugh! The pain in my knee is so bad! I cannot wait another day to get the steroid shot that will give me relief. The biggest problem – – – – – it’s takes a little over an hour and a half to get to my doctors office. And, of course, another hour and a half + to get back.

They can see me at 11:10. It’s 8:45 and I need to leave no later than 9:45. And that will be cutting it close.

I get out the door on time. Good girl. I drank my orange juice (morning ritual) and took my medications. I showered and dressed. I fed the cats – inside and outside. It’s cold. I need a jacket or shawl. The orange one will look great with what I have on. Kissed my husband goodbye and wished him a good day. “Talk to you later. I love you.” Out the door. This almost feels like back in the days when I got up and went to a job everyday. I’m retired now so it’s a memory. Strange feeling, though.

I get to the doctors’ office with 5 minutes to spare. (I cheated a little – had to set my cruise control to keep from getting a ticket.) I didn’t speed to badly – 3 or 4 mph over is all. I always try to stay within the 5 mph cushion. I’m checked in now and the waiting game begins.

Finally, it’s my turn to see the doctor. We talk about my knee. He can’t find any record of x-rays in my record. Perhaps we should take one and see where the knee is – especially since this all stems from an injury back when I was in my early 20’s. That was nearly 40 years ago. Ugh. Aging isn’t for sissies!

Well, the x-ray had a “fuzzy” spot on it that the doctor doesn’t recognize. So he calls over to see about getting a radiologist to read it ASAP. Well, of course there’s not a radiologist available to read it just yet. So we decide to go ahead and give me my flu shot and he’ll call me when he gets the results.

I’m standing at the checkout desk and the report comes in. After some clarification it turns out that my knee shows signs of one of two things: a) a benign tumor – nothing to worry about; b) when the injury occurred many years, the blood circulation may have been cut off to the bone and that segment of bone is dead. Again, nothing to worry about. I can get the injection without any danger of making things worse. Injection complete. Hurts like the dickens but in a few days, it will feel so much better. Perhaps I can stop limping. Cool!

I start the drive home and have to stop at the pharmacy to pick up the pain meds. With the injury being what it, there will still be some pain. All we can do is manage the pain. I can live with that. I finally arrive home again at 3:45 p.m. I’ve been gone all day. My leg is killing me. I take a pain pill and sit down and put my feet up.

I’ve got to find a doctor closer to home. Fifty-four miles is just too far to have to go to see the doctor.

~ and Blessings abound ~



Courage is simply fear that said its prayers. (Author unknown – heard on the radio)

This struck me so well – with everything going on in our world. Pray so you can have courage.

My Thanksgiving Table Decorations – So Far

What I have so far

I put the flowers in the vase last night. I don’t have a full size tablecloth to fit this table yet. So I improvised. I’d like to have different levels for the gourds but I haven’t quite figured that part out yet. I think it turned out quite nice, so far.

And blessings abound ~


One of My Favorites

“I’m not as good as I once was, but I’m as good once as I ever was.” (Toby Keith)

This is how I feel today. Yesterday was so busy and strenuous and today I am completely worn out. Tomorrow will still come and be a good day. And blessings abound.

My Goodness! What a day!

Seven months ago, in April 2012, we bought our new house. I asked my husband if we could be in the new house by my birthday – a mere two weeks later. We didn’t make it quite by my birthday, but within a few days we were sleeping in our new house.

The problem? We still haven’t finished moving! Our living room furniture is still at the “other house”. The office furniture is still at the “other house”. Our daughters’ furniture (she lives in Texas) is still at the “other house”. And this doesn’t even include all the stuff outside. Six trailers, several pieces of metal for flooring trailers, tires and wheels, two trucks (one small and one large) that don’t run, three boats (a jon boat, a bass boat, and a little plastic thing with no motor), two outbuildings that are slated to be moved, a tractor that doesn’t run but is a sentimental piece. There’s a boiler tank (heat exchanger removed) and about 3 or 4 25-foot trailer loads of stuff.

Last Thursday, I went to the “other house” to get a couple of things. One thing was my sewing machine. It’s time to start thinking about what to make for Christmas gifts. (I try not to buy things for those I give gifts to – I make them something from the heart). I also wanted to get my jewelry making supplies. I’ve seen a bunch of things on the internet that have spurred my creative juices (also Christmas potentials.)¬†Well, I ended up bringing a carload of stuff home. I had my sewing machine, my jewelry supplies, along with four big tote boxes full of things I packed off of my craft desk. I also retrieved my drawer-bins that have supplies in them.

I spent two and a half hours in that house – all by myself – no heat (and it WAS cold in there). It was a beautiful, warm day outside but sure couldn’t tell it inside the house. By the time I got the packing done, loading, and ready to bring it all home, I was so cold. So cold. But I started home with my stuff and warmed up – except for my fingers.

We went to the “other house” a week ago and brought home an enclosed trailer load. The chairs to our dining room table. A shopping cart full of things from our old bedroom and dressing room. Four totes packed to overflowing – literally. The trailer didn’t get unloaded.

All that to talk about today. Sorry, I’m a person who likes to talk/write and tell the whole story. Be that as it may, I took it upon myself to get our chairs out of the trailer. They need to be washed down – they’re nasty from sitting in the other house with no climate control. I also unloaded the cart and the totes. I got the chairs to the front porch. I sure don’t remember them being so blame heavy! I managed to get 2 of them into the house but the others had to wait until hubby came home.

I had to get off my knee for a while after this. PAIN!!! I took a pain pill and put my feet up for a while. Then hubby called and was on his way home and was hungry. So a little before 2, I started “lupper” (late lunch – early supper). I made tostadas. They sure were good, too!

After we ate, I cleaned up the kitchen and started the dishwasher. Then I went and got the totes that were in the back of my car from last Thursday and brought them in. Then I did some sorting and putting away of the stuff I brought home. Kinda falls into its own pattern somehow.

And then I helped hubby get a painting drape under the entertainment center that I want to start painting tomorrow – while the chairs dry from being scrubbed. And then I put together a silk flower arrangement for the table – fall themed.

And now I’m tired. Please don’t get the idea that I work this hard every day. I am retired and recovering from a liver transplant (January, 2012). I’m not 100% yet – probably about 85%, tho’. Depending on how I feel in the morning, the painting may have to wait until Wednesday. However, I do need to get this stuff done so I can unload totes filled with books and nick knacks. I’m out of empty totes and need these to be emptied before we go over to the “other house” starting this weekend to finish moving – once and for all. Oh, and yes, hubby did bring in the chairs for me. Such a sweetie.

I took more pain pills and some allergy medicine so that I can get some relief. On Wednesday, I plan to go to the doctor’s office and get my knee injected so that I can get on with my life – for a few months anyway. It takes a few days to get the full effect – but oh so worth it!

If I can get as much accomplished as I did today every day this week, I’ll have made tremendous headway to do my part to finish up this move. But for now, I’m off to the bed and get some rest/sleep.

And blessings abound ~ ~ ~ ~


Deer in the big woods

Deer in the big woods

I see you, too